We're so happy you're here.

June August Boutique is a small business operated by a wife of an law enforcement officer & mom of 5, who loves nothing more than to help you feel beautiful & confident with affordable, handpicked pieces. We want to offer you a wonderful shopping experience, one that is more than just shopping. An experience of love, friendship, & us helping you. We want to build you up, we want to see you glowing with confidence in your outfit choices. We hope that we are given the opportunity to see all of the above.

Happy shopping, sweet friend!

Hi, welcome to June August Boutique! I am so happy to have you here. A lot of people want to know our backstory & I'm always happy to tell it. I can remember having a passion for putting together outfits since I was a young girl. I had 2 Pomeranian dogs that I would dress & have styled photoshoots with. Then came high school & I dressed everyone, even down to cutting our jeans to be in style like we saw on music videos. Everyone wore clothes from my closet. I even had all of our outfits picked out for whatever we were doing. Then came along the kiddos & you better believe their entire outfits always matched. To be honest, we all left the house matching. Family pictures are my absolute favorite thing to style. The joy I get from shopping & seeing the final result is unmatched! After being a stay at home mom for 13 years, I was given an opportunity in the boutique world, which showed me passion more than I ever knew I had. It also gave me a dream, this dream. June August Boutique is a dream come true for me. The name comes from my late Dad's initials, JAB. June is my dads's birth month & August is my birth month. June is also my late great Aunt's name. June is also my husband's birth month & August is also our anniversary month. With all that being said, welcome to my dream come true. All the glory goes to God!

Nothing makes me happier than to build other women up. My goal is to make you feel beautiful & confident the way God made you. I want to see you glowing & winning in life, wearing your favorite JAB outfit! I am blessed to be given the opportunity to help you & I pray for many of opportunities helping you!

Love your friend,

Britni Fountain, owner of June August Boutique